Tuesday, August 15th, 2023


Redeem invite loop fix

Thanks to Jonah for reporting this: an issue that would prevent new users from completing the sign-in flow, redirecting them to the main page.


New user profile data fix

Another small-but-impactful change, first-time users’ new data will be fetched properly, and thus they won’t see an error when visiting the profile page.

What’s next

See below for the plans from 0.5.0. Invites have been sent out and we’re seeing some of y’all in the new community Discord server. Thanks for helping us test Cue everyone.

All the best,




Saturday, August 12th, 2023


Internal rearchitecture

Sparing you the technical jargon, the TL;DR on the why of it (and why it took a month) is that we built Cue during a hackathon, opting for shorter development time in exchange for...well, a lot. Moving forward, though, this will make it significantly easier and faster to improve Cue down the line.



I strongly believe in building & learning in public. This way, we can increase our iteration velocity, and help students put trust in what we’re doing. If you're a fellow developer, we welcome and appreciate your contributions.


Pricing plans

You might be wondering how Cue plans to sustain itself. We’ve just added some early thoughts on what pricing could look like for Cue. As we’ve maintained, Cue will remain free for students. Check it out over on the Help & FAQ page.


Community server

Come hang out, chat about your favorite study tips, check out the works-in-progress, and upvote feedback or give your own, including feature requests.

Join us here.


Temporary pause on invites

Getting this update out the gate was the priority, and unfortunately some services we depended on are not yet ready for the kind of infrastructure this update entails. In order to move quickly, I needed to turn off invites for the moment. They will be back in the next update.


Sidebar layout shift fix

Previously, on every refresh of Cue, the sidebar would take a solid two seconds to render. That’s been fixed in this update.


Release timeline

You can think of access to Cue in leveled tiers, from most to least restrictive. To keep usage in check and our expectations healthy while we build new features, here's what those might look like in terms of a release timeline (tentatively, of course):

Release period Access level Estimated arrival
Private beta Invited students August 2023
Extended private beta Invited students

What’s next

School for us at USF is just around the corner. With this update, we’re sending out invites to students on our waitlist (which we’ve closed for now). From here, we’ll do our best to follow the projected release timeline.

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